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Problem Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

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There is a much easier fix that will only require you to open the
battery compartment once and only once.

Microsoft and whomever they have contracted to build the batteries had
the same issue with the 7000 series as well and this is a fix Ive used
on all the 7000 series Ive ran across.

First take a piece of paper and cut a strip slightly under the length
of the battery itself

Then wrap this strip around the battery 2 to 3 times and cut off the
excess length and tape it into place to keep it from unrolling

Replace battery into compartment and test - it now should be the
appropriate thickness needed to depress the sensor switch within the
compartment and verify to the mouse itself a battery is indeed
installed, THAT is the reason for the flashing red light, Microsoft
contracted with a company that built a series of batteries that are too
thin and do not depress the switch and the wonderful QA department never
caught it and obviously marketing figures it is more cost efficient to
continue to sell these units with an improperly designed battery than
re-build and replace all of them already shipped

Hope that helps



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